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eljared's Journal

The Lost Paradise
6 July 1966
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Prospero: Thank you, your excellency, for the girl.
Man in Red: I have no title. Why do you call me "Excellency"?
Prospero: Well, I thought you're the Ambassador of Satan.
Man in Red: He is not my master. Death has no masters.
Prospero: But Satan rules the universe! I made pact with him!
Red Death: He does not rule alone. And your pact with him will not save you.

My nickname is not because I associate myself with Anima NPC but because I had to find a shorter lj username and this one popped in to my mind.
anima, power playing, манчкинизм, отборные копейщики-гомосексуалисты, ролевые игры, стулья охуительного выбора


история, общество, политика, искусство, фантастика, путешествия, технологии